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Cook's Choice: Marinara that's quick and fresh
Arlene Mannlein   |  www.Herald-Review.com/megabites   |  April 25, 2012
I've yet to meet Melissa Grohne, except by telephone and email. But I can already tell you we're going to have some fun conversation. "This recipe," she told me in our initial telephone visit, "is a recipe meant to be played with." Now that's my kind of wing-it, adapt what is liked to what we have and go-for-it cook...

Case History: ENERGY MEDICINE as a Keystone in Multimodal Approach to Cancer
Energy Medicine with Donna Eden
Also appeared in Donna Eden's Energy e-Letter, dated November 2010 Issue
As an energy practitioner with no formal training in Donna Eden's Energy Medicine used techniques she learned in Donna's books to work with a client who had been diagnosed with possible breast cancer. Over the course of treatments, the client's symptoms diminished to the point that only a very minimal surgical intervention was required...

RECONNECTING TO WORLDS AROUND US — An Interview with Missy Ann Grohne, Page 37
The JSong...Way Magazine   |  Fall/Winter 2010 Edition

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